Banca Net empresarial





This option allows you to request your Afore statement for online review or ask for it to be mailed to your home address.

To review the statement online, follow the next steps:

  1. Choose the “Review online” option.
  2. The balance of each one of your sub-accounts in which funds are available will be displayed.

Follow the next steps to request the statement to be mailed to your home address:

  1. Choose the “Send to home address” option.
  2. Your request will be registered.


  • The statement will be sent to the home address registered in Afore Banamex; you can review it in the Additional services > Afore > update address option.
  • The statement displayed is for information only, and has no legal or fiscal value.
  • If the operation is not within schedule, you can choose a date to apply the operation.
  • Rejected Operation: In case of error a message will be displayed with the name of the operation, description and possible solution to the problem.


  • “Continue”: Displays the next screen.
  • “Print”: Allows you to get a printed copy of the results displayed on the screen.
  • “Help”: Gives you specific assistance.
  • “Exit”: Ends the session.