Banca Net empresarial





Review and print vouchers of payments processed through online banking.

To print vouchers, follow the next steps:

  1. Choose the type of payment: GDF or Taxes.
  2. Enter the requested data according to each option to search for the voucher.
  3. Print the voucher.


  • In the case of GDF, click on the See detail link to print your receipt.
  • If you didn´t find the receipt, it means the search criteria was incorrect.
  • You are allowed to print receipts issued since August 2002.


  • “Continue”: Displays the next screen.
  • “Make another search”: Allows you to search for another receipt.
  • “Print”: Allows you to get a printed copy of the results displayed on the screen.
  • “Help”: Gives you specific assistance.
  • “Exit”: Ends the session.

This video shows how to make your transactions step by step