Banca Net empresarial




Change Access Code

In this page, you are able to change your access code:

  1. Numeric access code or 8 Digit PIN, which allows you to access Audiomatico, Mobile Banamex and BancaNet to make different operations among your own accounts.
  2. Alphanumeric code or 8 character password (numbers and/or letters): allows you to access all BancaNet functions.

In order to change any of your access codes, follow the next steps:

  1. Enter your numeric o alphanumeric access code.
  2. Assign the new numeric or alphanumeric access code.
  3. Confirm your new numeric or alphanumeric access code.


  1. If any operation was not applied a message will be displayed.
  2. If you forget any of your access codes you can request them at your Banamex branch.
  3. When you change your access code:

    • Remember that the code does not allow two adjacent equal numbers.
    • Must be easy for you to remember, and difficult for other persons to discover.
    • Cannot contain your client number or Banamex´s name.
  4. To create your numeric access code or NIP:

    • Must be formed by 8 numbers and cannot start with zero.
    • The valid numbers are from zero to nine.
  5. To create your alphanumeric access code or password:

    • Must contain eight numbers and/or letters and must start with a letter.
    • The valid letters are from “a” to “z”.
    • Use upper/lower cases.
    • It is not allowed to use special characters or letters with accents.


  • “Continue”: Displays the next screen.
  • “Cancel”: Stops the operation.
  • “Other change”: Allows you to change again your access codes.
  • “Print”: Allows you to get a printed copy of the results displayed on the screen.
  • “Help”: Gives you specific assistance.
  • “Exit”: Ends the session.

This video shows how to make your transactions step by step