Banca Net empresarial





You can register your Afore account to integrate it with your online banking.

To activate the Afore account, follow the next steps:

  1. Enter your social security number.
  2. Verify on the confirmation screen that the data is correct.
  3. The response screen will display the details of the applied Afore account registration.


  • If the operation is not within schedule, you can choose a date to apply the operation.
  • Your client number is linked to your eleven digit social security number (SSN), which is also linked to all other services offered by Banamex Afore.


  • “Continue”: Displays the next screen.
  • “Return”: Returns to the previous screen.
  • “Accept”: Continues with the operation.
  • “Print”: Allows you to get a printed copy of the results displayed on the screen.
  • “Help”: Gives you specific assistance.
  • “Exit”: Ends the session.