Banca Net empresarial





In this section, you may perform several actions on your cards:

  • Report lost/stolen card: choose the card that you want to report and the type of report. If you want to make a multiple report, click on the Report more than one link.
  • To activate or locate your cards: choose the card to activate or locate and choose the type of request (activate or locate).
  • To modify the credit limit: choose the card and the limit that you want to modify.
  • To subscribe one card to Banamex Premia or to Libra Plus: choose the card to be subscribed.
  • To incorporate one card to Banamex Premia: choose the card to incorporate. For multiple registrations, click on the Incorporate more than one link.

To finalize any action:

  • Verify on the screen that the data is correct. The screen displays detailed information of the operations.


  • If the operation is not within schedule, you can choose a date to apply the operation.
  • Rejected Operation: In case of error a message will be displayed with the name of the operation, description and possible solution to the problem.


  • “Expand” Displays the data requested to process each operation.
  • “Continue”: Displays the next screen.
  • “Cancel”: Stops the operation.
  • “Return”: Returns to the previous screen.
  • “Accept”: Continues with the operation.
  • “Print”: Allows you to get a printed copy of the results displayed on the screen.
  • “Help”: Gives you specific assistance.
  • “Exit”: Ends the session.

This video shows how to make your transactions step by step