BancaNet Security

  • At Banamex we are committed to your security. We therefore welcome you to NetKey Banamex safety scheme, that strengthens the access you already know
  • NetKey Banamex is a two-way authentication scheme. When you log in BancaNet Empresarial, the bank will generate a key to identify you, and which should be validated in your NetKey; this in turn will create a second key which will let you log in with a higher protection. This action will be repeated in each cash transaction you make, for the purpose of strengthening safety in electronic transactions
  • Your NetKey:
    • It does not require synchronization
    • It does not need new configuration
    • It does not have to be replaced with a new one
    • It does not require PIN changes, unless you so decide it
    • No additional cost

Five Tips

  • Do not share your passwords or keys of your NetKey Banamex.
  • Do not send confidential information by e-mail, telephone, SMS or fax
  • Do not click on links attached to e-mails
  • Protect your PC by downloading our Anti-Intruder Tool from BancaNet or BancaNet Empresarial
  • Avoid making financial transactions from public computers

How to avoid phishing.

  • In order to avoid phishing (e-mails which seem to be dependable and request confidential information on your accounts), do not reply to any e-mail requesting personal information and check the source of the request with the corresponding organization
  • A phishing e-mail usually has sender's names and logos which seem to be authentic. You can identify one of these e-mails by the following elements:
    • It has an alarm that requires rapid action
    • It includes a band and it suggest clicking on it to confirm or update your personal information
    • It frequently shows usual grammatical errors in the institution's everyday communications
  • Type the Web address (URL) in your browser and avoid logging in through links in e-mails
  • It installs in the computer safety software such as antivirus and firewalls
  • Check that the web site is a secure address. It should start with “https://” and include a small closed lock in the navigation bar (located on the bottom right corner)
  • Double click the lock to see the certificate which confirms that the Web address corresponds to the site you are visiting

Banamex will never ask for your personal information through an e-mail. Never share this type of information for any reason