BancaNet Empresarial

Banamex comprehensive service for your company's treasury productive administration via Internet, such as statement checking, payments, checkbook administration, transactions by file and other services.


  • Control: you can empower users based on your needs, establish joint signatures, maximum amounts, authorized transactions and keep a log of each transaction made.
  • Convenience: enabled users may perform banking transactions from anywhere in the world with extended hours.
  • Safety: this service has the highest safety international standards; information is encrypted before being transmitted and the digital signature and the dynamic key generated by Banamex NetKey Empresarial are required.
  • Quickness: Transactions are made on line and are applied at the moment they are performed

  • Enquiries: Balance enquiry, multi-balance, collection, CLABE, log, statements, Electronic Banking activities, day and previous day transactions.
  • Payments: to third parties, interbanking, list, services, federal taxes and worker-employee contributions, fund transfer between own accounts and national and international orders of payment.
  • Check book management: query your check status, check drawing with/without amount
  • File transactions: transfers, payments to third parties, interbanking payments, national orders of payment, service payment and check drawing
  • Other services: converter to customize your files with conciliation, remote authorization, e-mail and/or SMS notifications for opening, cancellation or change of third party accounts, demo, help pages and English version

  • Have a Banamex Checking Account
  • Contact your account officer to fill in the corresponding forms and contracts
  • Some of the services mentioned above may require additional contracting