• 1. What are the requirements for Citibanamex Credit Card?


        • Be older than 18 years and younger than 64 years.
        • Minimum income (based on card).
        • Current official ID with photograph and signature (voter's credential, passport, driver's license).
        • Payment slip (does not apply to Aprobación Segura).
        • Certificate of address.

      • 2. Does having a credit card mean having a debt?

        A: A credit card does not necessarily means having debts. In fact, it may be an excellent method to manage monthly expenses such as telephone, electricity, water, etc., since you may make your payments of services conveniently through automatic charge to your card.

        Furthermore, with Citibanamex cards you may have an additional income, since all purchases earn Premia Points, which are accrued and may be used to make purchases or be withdrawn at an ATM as money in cash.

      • 3. How do I know what type of card is best for me?

        A: In the portfolio of products available for you, there are features for each of our customers:

        • Shared brand and private brand so that you may decide on the business you are interested in.
        • Affinity products to support non-profit organizations.
        • Cards for people who travel all the time, such as Aadvantage by American Airlines.
        • Classic and Gold card, based on income and the range of benefits you want.

      • 4. What are the benefits offered by Citibanamex Credit Card?


        • Customer Hotline (CAT) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
        • Reduction of the interest rate with the Compliant Cardholder program
        • International acceptance
        • Additional cards
        • The widest range of insurance coverage
        • Personal payment plan
        • Zero rate
        • Acceptance at affiliated stores in Mexico and the whole world
        • Access to the widest network of ATMs in Mexico and the whole world
        • Premia Points

      • 5. Can I withdraw cash through the credit card?

        A: Indeed, the credit card, apart from providing multiple advantages for the purchase and sale of goods and services, allows you to withdraw money in cash (fee for withdrawal over the requested balance applies).

      • 6. Where can I check information related to my Citibanamex Credit Card?

        A: Banamex offers the widest range of methods to check information related to your credit card: Audiomático, BancaNet, Branches, ATMs.

      • 7. What is Banamex Premia?

        A: It is the best-designed and most-comprehensive customer recognition program in the market.
        Every time you use your Citibanamex Credit Card in Mexico or abroad, you receive 10% of your purchases in points.

        Automatic charges for telephone, cell phone and cable TV, among others, and the purchases made with your additional cards also earn points.
        Your earned points let you make purchases or cash withdrawals.

      • 8. Can I request additional cards?

        A: You, as additional cardholder, may request up to six additional cards, for the convenience of your direct family members. The additional card has the same benefits and services offered by the main card.

      • 9. Where can I follow up my application status?

        A: In this link https://portal.banamex.com.mx/tdc/c620_098/solicitud/