Office Depot® Citibanamex Credit Card

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  • Office Depot® Benefits: Get a permanent 3% off at Office Depot®, 20% off at the Copy Center and a First Use Gift for new customers.
  • Rewards Program: Get a 1% reimbursement in cash for all your purchases made at Office Depot® and other commerce.
  • Citibanamex Compliant Customer: Get an automatic discount on your annual interest rate, for using and paying for your Banamex Credit Card on time

Revolving credit in national currency associated with a credit card. The contract involves Credit Card hiring of electronic banking service for the subsequent activation of the electronic systems of the Customer and the possibility of a complementary additional line to the card when so Banamex Customer Report Cards. The Customer may dispose of it or not. Accepted in Mexico and abroad.

Look for terms and conditions in Office Depot® stores.

Criteria for the estimation of the 1% REFUND BONUS for the Office Depot® Citibanamex Credit Card

THE SEMESTERS for the accumulation of the 1% are: From February to July and from August to January. The months for refunds are: August and February based on the closing date of the cardholder. The refund will be reflected as a deposit in the account statement of the Office Depot® Citibanamex Credit Card


The Account must be in REGULAR status at the time of ESTIMATING and making the Deposit of the REFUND BONUS.

The REFUND BONUS of the Office Depot® Citibanamex Credit Card includes the charges of the cardholder and additional cards.

Terms and conditions apply.


  • Preventas Banamex: Get your tickets before anyone else and enjoy the best events at a national level
  • 0% Rate: enjoy the program which lets you make purchases in installments at zero interest in thousands of stores
  • Exclusive Promotions: Take advantage of the discounts and benefits that only Citibanamex can offer


  • Personal Payment Plan: Pay your partial or total balance in installments with a preferential fixed rate, at any time with a simple call
  • Personal Limit: Customize the available credit limit of your card, based on your safety and management needs
  • Automatic Card Payment: pay your card automatically with your Citibanamex Account


  • Customer Hotline: we respond to your needs and clarifications, such as report for theft or loss, balance and activity query, card and service payments
  • Citibanamex Network: We provide assistance for all your banking transactions, such as balance queries, card payments, transfers, and much more, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through: Audiomatico, ATMs, Branches, BancaNet and Citibanamex Movil
  • Protection: We personally monitor your activity in order to protect you and, in case of loss or theft you will be protected up to 48 hours before you file your report


  • Libra Plus Banamex: We protect you with the best assistance program in Mexico, which offers 41 services, such as: Road, Medical, Home, Legal and Travel Assistance
  • Debt Release in case of Death: your family members are relieved from the responsibility of paying your debts with your Card(s) in case of death

Check terms and conditions at Office Depot® stores.

The amount of the 1% bonus for total purchases made outside Office Depot®. The Office Depot® bonus is issued bi-yearly. To qualify for this benefit, you should use your card at least once a month during the whole semester in purchases, regardless of the store, and be in good standing at the time the Office Depot® Bonus is paid. The maximum amount of the bonus is $1,000.00 pesos per semester ( 2 per year)

To obtain the gift, you have to submit the coupon included in the envelope in which the card is delivered.

Check effectiveness, terms and conditions of each promotion at and Office Depot® stores. Credit Card applications will be assessed within 20 days and authorized cards will be delivered within 10 calendar days.

Terms and conditions apply.

All Banamex credit cards are issued by Tarjetas Banamex S.A. de C.V. SOFOM E.R., part of Grupo Financiero Banamex. The credit cards: Soriana Banamex, Soriana credit card and Soriana Pagos Fijos, are issued by Servicios Financieros Soriana S.A.P.I. de C.V. SOFOM. E.R., part of Grupo Financiero Banamex.

1 Fee over withdrawal amount.
2 Fees excluded.
3If you make transactions at RED ATMs, the ATM will charge the fees determined by the bank which operates it.
Registration to the program Guaranteed Low Rate $500 pesos (Membership to obtain benefits at ordinary interest rate)
Terms and conditions apply.
All Banamex credit cards are issued by Tarjetas Banamex S.A. de C.V. SOFOM E.R., part of Grupo Financiero Banamex. The credit cards: Soriana Banamex, Soriana credit card and Soriana Pagos Fijos, are issued by Servicios Financieros Soriana S.A.P.I. de C.V. SOFOM. E.R., part of Grupo Financiero Banamex.

  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Have a minimum income of $7,000.00
  • Submit one of the following current official IDs: voter's credential or passport; if you are a foreigner, only the Permanent Resident Card and the passport are valid
  • Submit certificate of address (in case your current address is different from your identification): telephone, electricity or predial bill; pre-paid TV statement; water bill or statement in your name; current and registered lease contract (subscribed at least 90 days ago)
  • Submit certificate of income: payroll slip for the last month, week or fortnight; credit card with credit limit equal to or higher than the minimum income applied for; original letters issued by formally incorporated companies, doing business for more than one year, or issued by the National Defense Department; three checking, debit or investment account statements (consecutive and in your name); copy of the last tax return in your name (other than zero, with bank payment stamp)

Recommendations (risk wording)

  • The payment for your credit card in advance of your payment deadline. You can do it through Audiomático or Banamex website or from any phone.
  • Paid at least twice the monthly minimum required to reduce the amount and term of your debt and keep control.
  • To properly use your card and make your monthly payments on time you create your record of good behavior.


  • Being your credit variable rate, interest may increase.
  • Failure to comply with your obligations you can generate fees and penalty interest.
  • Hiring credits above your ability to pay may affect your credit history.
  • Paying only the minimum payment increases the time and cost of debt.