See what you need to apply for your Clásica Credit Card.

Apply for your credit card now or in your Branch . Don’t forget to show your official ID.1

Requisitos para Tarjeta de Crédito Banamex Clásica


Minimun age required1


Minimun income2


Ascertainable residence3

1. Official ID


Electoral’s credential (IFE/INE) or passport.


Permanent Resident Card or passport.

If the address is different from the one appearing in the ID you will need to present a certificate of address.

Presenta tu identificación oficial vigente.
Checa los comprobantes de ingresos que te piden para tu trámite de Tarjeta.

2. Certificate of income

Present any of the following:
Payroll slip for the last month, a letter from your current job, credit card with credit limit equal to or higher than the minimum income applied for, three checking, debit or investment account statements, copy of the last tax return in your name (other than zero, with bank payment stamp).

3. Address Certificate

In case your current address is different from your identification you can present a telephone, electricity or predial bill; pre-paid TV statement; water bill or statement in your name; current and registered lease contract (subscribed at least 90 days ago at most).

También necesitas tu comprobante de domicilio para solicitar tu Tarjeta.

1. Minimum purchase of $2,000 MXN (non-cumulative). The benefit validity may be subject to changes with prior notice through the Account Statement or Citibanamex Website. It is important that the customer is up to date with all the payments and has made the last required minimum payment to make the benefit valid. Benefit non-cumulative with other promotions.

Total Annual Cost (TAC) of Personal Payment Plan 26.8% without VAT. Fixed rate. For information and comparison purposes only. Calculated on November 4th 2015. The Credit Cards and publicity are offered by Tarjetas Banamex, S.A. de C.V., SOFOM, E.R., member of Grupo Financiero Banamex, for further information contact us in Citibanamex (Banco Nacional de Mexico, S.A.) branches.

2. Call within the 15 days after your billing date, if you call later, the benefit will be applied on the next period. Remember that your payment deadline will be within 20 calendar days after your billing date. It is important to notice that you can request the change as Account Holder, once a year if you are up to date with all the payments and if the change in the billing date does not affect the performance of your monthly installment without interest purchases, Personal Payment Plan or Cash Withdrawal Citibanamex.

3.Total Annual Cost (TAC) for monthly installment without interest 0% Annual Interest Rate 0%. Annual Commission $600 pesos without VAT. For information and comparison purposes only. Calculated on November 4th 2015.

4.Annual Commission $600 pesos without VAT. Variable Rate. For information and comparison purposes only. Calculated on November 4th, 2015.

Revolving credit in national currency associated with a credit card. The credit card agreement includes hiring of electronic banking service for the subsequent activation of the electronic systems of the Customer and the possibility of having a complementary additional line to the card when Credit Cards Citibanamex informs the customer. The Customer may dispose of it or not. Accepted in Mexico and abroad.


-The payment of your credit card must be in advance of your payment deadline.You can do it through or Audiomatico from any phone.

-Pay at least twice the monthly minimum required to reduce the amount and term of your debt and keep control of it.

-By properly using your card and making your monthly payments on time you create a good behavior record.


-Being your credit variable rate, interest may increase.

-Failure to comply with your obligations you can generate fees and penalty interest.

-Hiring credits above your payment ability may affect your credit history.

-Paying only the minimum payment increases the time and cost of debt.

Total Annual Cost


Average TAC
without VAT4

Interest Rate





Account holder

Total Annual Cost4


Personal Payment Plan
without VAT2

Total Annual Cost


TAC monthly installment payments
without interest3