Banamex Notices

Banamex Notices

With this service we provide instant information to your cell phone and/or e-mail about all the activities in your accounts, change of passwords and/or confidential information.

You will also be able to:

  • Receive alerts at no charge
  • Choose the minimum amount, account and means (cell phone and/or e-mail) to receive notices
  • Find out the time, day, amount, account and institution where the transaction was made

Important: Remember that Banamex will never ask for confidential information about your bank accounts via e-mail.

  • Alerts are on-line, that is, when you make a transaction, change your keys and/or confidential information in your accounts, you will be immediately informed through your selected means, regardless of the time or place
  • You can select amounts from $0.00 pesos and delivery methods (cell phone and/or e-mail) for each account

  • Contact a Banamex Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account
  • State the cell phone number and/or e-mail address to receive your alerts

If you want to subscribe, select from these options:

  • Banamex Customer Hotline:
    City of Mexico at 1226 2639 / 2262 6391
    or toll-free at 01800 021 2345
  • BancaNet: In the menu Request Services+ Banamex Notices
  • At your nearest Banamex Branch