BancaNet Security

  • Security scheme with bidirectional authentication. We generate a key for your identification which, when being captured in your NetKey Banamex, will issue a dynamic key for you to access and make your transactions in BancaNet
  • This security scheme offers Protección Integral BancaNet, in order to protect your equity against unacknowledged charges
  • Proteccion Integral Banamex supports you for up to $15,000 pesos in case you have unacknowledged charges in any of your credit or debit accounts, for charges made through BancaNet and/or Banamex Móvil


  • In case of an unacknowledged charge, report it within 90 days of the closing date of the affected account
  • Call the Customer Hotline to request:
    • Temporary blocking of accounts and BancaNet or Banamex Movil service to avoid another incident
    • Report number to track your clarification
    • Information about the required information
  • Go to any branch and submit an official ID and a letter of clarification
  • In case you have any other Account, Credit Card and/or Debit Card with Banamex, check your statements to make sure there is no other unacknowledged charge made through BancaNet and/or Banamex Móvil

Terms and Conditions

  • Banamex commits provide a response within 7 calendar days, with prior validation of conditions, after receiving the required documents
  • After filing the report with the Customer Hotline, you should go to any branch and submit an official ID and a letter of clarification within three working days, since protection will not be granted if this term is exceeded
  • It does not apply for charges paid into accounts operated previously by the customer or which the bank identifies as belonging to the customer
  • All events will be protected1 within the promotion period, provided their amount does not exceed $15,000.00 pesos per year
  • The affected account should be at least six months old at the time the unacknowledged charge occurs
  • Be registered with Banamex Notice Program in BancaNet

Find out Banamex 5 security tips

  • Do not share your passwords or keys of your NetKey Banamex
  • Do not send confidential information by e-mail, telephone, SMS or fax
  • Do not click on links attached to e-mails
  • Protect your PC by downloading our Anti-Intruder Tool from BancaNet or BancaNet Empresarial
  • Avoid making financial transactions from public computers

Avoid phishing

  • In order to avoid phishing (e-mails which seem to be dependable and request confidential information on your accounts), do not reply to any e-mail requesting personal information and check the source of the request with the corresponding organization
  • A phishing e-mail usually has sender's names and logos which seem to be authentic. You can identify one of these e-mails by the following elements
    • It has an alarming tone which requires your immediate action
    • It includes a link and asks you to click on it in order to confirm or update your personal information
    • It may have grammar mistakes which are not common in the usual organization communications
  • Type the Web address (URL) in your browser and avoid logging in through links in e-mails
  • Install security programs in your computer, such as anti-virus and firewalls
  • Check that the web site is a secure address. It should start with “https://” and include a small closed lock in the navigation bar (located on the bottom right corner)
  • Double click the lock to see the certificate which confirms that the Web address corresponds to the site you are visiting
  • Banamex will never ask for your personal information through an e-mail. Never share this type of information for any reason