Federal Taxes Payments

This service lets you pay for Federal Taxes in a simple, fast and safe way through E-Banking, in two modes:


  • Payment for Concepts (Provisional, Annual, Federative, Rights, Products and Procurement)
  • Payment through a Form

The service is designed for:

  • Individuals
  • Accountants in general


  • Safe: your tax payment receipts are valid thanks to their non-tampered digital seal, valid before the Treasury and Public Credit Department (SHCP)
  • Convenient: from your office, you may pay up to 5 items in a single transaction
  • Fast: pay Federal Taxes in a few minutes, without the need of visiting the branch
  • Easy: no tax forms to pay for Federal Taxes
  • Available: you may print receipts for payments made from 2005
  • Flexible: you may make payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with no charges applied to the transaction

  • Be an individual and earn income higher than or equal to $400,000.00 pesos in the previous year, not to include income for salaries and wages
  • Contract BancaNet, have a user number, digital signature and NetKey
  • Have a Traditional or Productiva Checking Account, Perfiles Account or Maestra Account