Domiciliación Service

Direct Debit Banamex lets you make your payments automatically, charged to your Checking Account or Debit Card, just providing a simple instruction.


  • Safety and convenience: it ensures timely payments and cancels the cost of going to the branch or the invoicing company office to make your payments
  • Confidentiality: only you, as account holder, may authorize or cancel the Direct Debit service
  • Convenience: after registering your instructions in Banamex, all your charges will be made automatically
  • Control: all the charges made will be shown in your Statement and/or BancaNet

  • Make your payments in a comfortable, dependable and timely way
  • Have a stronger control over your expenses
  • Avoid charges or penalties for forgetting to pay your bills

  • Have a Checking Account, Debit Card or Credit Card 1
  • Identify the reference in the payment slip
  • Authorize the service at the Branch, BancaNet or Audiomatico