Banamex Here Service

Corresponsales Banamex Aquí;

  • Banamex Aquí is another alternative to make your banking transactions near home, since we offer the widest coverage in the country, with a network of over 4,000 service points at: pharmacies, mini supermarkets, small stores, gas stations… and much more. Extended hours and weekend service!

Comfort and convenience

Make your banking transactions with complete security and closer to your home.


  • Collection of Family Transfers through Western Union, Citibank Global Transfers and other brands
  • Banamex check collection
  • Payment of Credit Cards belonging to Banamex and other banks
  • Cash withdrawal from Debit Card and Banamex Payroll
  • Bill payment: electricity, pre-paid TV, water, telephone, etc
  • Loan payment
  • Deposits into pool accounts: company collections, Teleton, social support (natural disasters), etc
  • Processing and settlement of domestic payment orders
  • Payment of linked orders: social support programs (pensions), etc

What do you need to become a Corresponsal Banamex Aqui?

  • Longer business hours than any Banamex Branch
  • Retail store
  • Time for monitoring Corresponsal Equipment/Minimum Investment
  • PC with Internet access, Windows and printer
  • Telephone line
  • Minimum space within the store

Join Banamex franchises here

  • At Banamex we have created a new concept to take banking services closer to our customers and offer opportunities to stores, companies and governments (Banamex Aquí in your Municipality), to take advantage of the location and reputation they have achieved in their community

Advantages of Corresponsales

  • Additional income for transactions fees
  • Higher customer flow, favoring cross sales
  • Stand our from the competition by extending your range of services
  • Strengthen your business image by sharing the Banamex brand
  • Reduce the cost and risk of moving assets

How does Corresponsal Banamex benefit your customers?
At present, people look for convenience, time saving and meeting their needs at the same place. That is why Banco Nacional de Mexico offers the following advantages to all your customers:

  • Better access in service days and times for their transactions
  • Higher coverage in more points of service
  • Closeness to their place of residence or work to make their main Banking transactions
  • Guarantee to make their transactions, by having the support from a solid bank

What services can be offered?

  • Deposit into checking accounts and debit card
  • Cash withdrawal from Debit Card and Banamex Payroll
  • Payment of Credit Card belonging to Banamex and other banks
  • Collection of Family Transfers through Western Union
  • Payment of bills (telephone, electricity, cell phone, pre-paid TV)
  • And much more...