Afore Banamex is a founder organization in the Administration system for Retirement Funds, recognized for optimizing investment portfolios, leader in service provision* and with over 18 years' experience, which makes it one of the leading companies in the market.
It manages over 8 million customers, taking one of the leading places from the beginning and offering safety and confidence to the workers who have trusted us with their retirement funds.

What are our strengths as Afore?

  • Yields that strengthen you
  • Always, we are looking for innovative ways to serve you better
  • One of the lowest commission rates in the market
  • Largest Service Coverage
  • Leaders in Financial Innovation
  • A new way to save
  • More than 8 million Workers have chosen us
  • Always close to you. Write, visit or talk to us

Afore Banamex provides professional and specialized service through comprehensive consultancy, which provides ease about management of your pension fund.

Aiming at providing the maximum added value, we offer:

  • Personal and comprehensive service
  • Clear understanding of your retirement resources management
  • Savings alternative
  • Attractive returns which daily strengthen your equity
  • Access to interest and financial education topics
  • Encouragement to voluntary and additional contributions to your Individual Account
  • Afore Banamex, which will solve your employees' needs in the convenience of their work place