Inversión Inteligente

You have the certainty that you are always going to earn

Invest without risks and with the certainty that you are going to earn with this instrument and that you also have the possibility of generating extra yields.

"It was the best decision, since I‘m always going to earn in a safe way"
Jimena, manager, 40 years old

From the moment you make your invest within 45 days and a guaranteed fixed rate, a percentage that you will get no matter what and you set ensures that you will always win.

The extra yield you earn depends on the movement of the IPC indicator (the indicator on the Stock Exchange) and will pay as long as he stays or upload this indicator.

“I choose the way in which I want to earn”
Fernando, musician, 31 years old

You can be at ease because you will always obtain yields, even with the most conservative scenario you will earn the guaranteed rate.
In Banamex, your investment1 is endorsed by more than 130 years of experience of Grupo Financiero Banamex and protected by the Instituto para la Proteccion al Ahorro Bancario for up to 400,000 Investment Units per person.

Choose how you want to earn more:

  • It is an investment1 in which you have a guaranteed rate since day one and that participates in the Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones of the Bolsa de Valores up to a certain maximum yield, but without the risk of investing in the Stock market.

    If the IPC has an increase or has remained the same on the due date of your deposit, this instrument will pays you a pays you a 8.0% rate; if the IPC decreases a point or more on the due date of your deposit, you will obtain a guaranteed rate of the 1.00%.

1 Check TAR here.

   Product guaranteed by IPAB for up to 400,000 investment units ( UDIs ) per person per bank

  • Go to the Banamex Branch and start earning with Inversión Inteligente.
  • You must have a Banamex Account, which will allow you to handle your Investment. If do not have one yet, request it.
  • Invest starting at $55,000 pesos.
  • Show a valid ID: Mexican voting card (IFE), INAPAM (Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultos Mayores), IMSS, record of the military service or passport. If you are a foreigner, only the FM2 and the passport are valid IDs.
  • If your current address is different from the one on your ID, include a utility bill from the last quarter (telephone, water, electricity, property tax return) as proof of address.


   Product guaranteed by IPAB for up to 400,000 investment units ( UDIs ) per person per bank

   Product guaranteed by IPAB for up to 400,000 investment units ( UDIs ) per person per bank