Meet Banamex

Meet Citibanamex

Citibanamex, Best of Mexico, Best of the World.

We have over two centuries of global experience and leadership, with a strong commitment to drive economic growth and progress of Mexico, its families, companies, social organizations, and our people.

El Banco Nacional de México (Mexico´s National Bank), was born on June 2nd, 1884, after a merger between Banco Mercantil Mexicano (Mexican Mercantile Bank) and Banco Nacional Mexicano (Mexico´s National Bank). More than a century later, in August 2001, Grupo Financiero Banamex (Banamex Financial Group) emerged as a result of the sale of Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival (Banamex-Accival Financial Group) to Citigroup. From the beginning we endeavor to create a pathway full of dedication, pride and consistency.

Inspired by you, today, we commit to delivering the best banking experience. With a 1 billion dollar investment, we offer you technology, innovation, and a new intuitive way of interacting with us. We maximize our strengths: Citi’s global reach and Banco Nacional de México’s local presence and tradition. Citibanamex entirely reflects this commitment.

Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress.

We improve our products and infrastructure to serve you anywhere at any time. We create positive impact in our country´s financial and social fields, so keep envolving with you. Beyond your financial needs, we take care of your interests to contribute step by step on the construction of your patrimony.

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