Meet Banamex

Meet Banamex

Social Foundation

Fomento Social Banamex is a non-profit organization created under the initiative of the Managing Council of Banco Nacional de México, S.A., with the main purpose of bridging the gap of social inequality existing in our country.

We contribute to the development and performance of projects and programs aimed at social welfare; we collect and allocate resources, join efforts and establish alliances with public and social sectors.


  • Create and operate programs of social responsibility in a middle and long term which can bring through contribution, meeting coordination and channeling resources, to improve life conditions and raise social welfare of population sectors that are most in need.
  • Promote different institutions and public, private and social organizations, that strengthen it´s capacities to respond better to the group needs that live in poverty and margination situation.


Participate in the social development of Mexico, favoring the creation of goods and social welfare, as well as the access of the same population sectors with larger gaps. Realize contributions that diminish the poverty levels, generate opportunities of human development and raise the life quality of mexicans.

It is a Banamex Iniciative, whose objective is favoring the diverse social sectors cooperate with population attention in disaster areas. In the last decade, the resources of this program have been oriented towards the following actions:

Program 1x1

  • Reactivation of the productive activities of families of low income.
  • Reconstruction of service infrastructure.
  • Support to auto construction and housing improvement and community habitat.
  • Soil restoration, reforestation and protection of flora and fauna.
  • Environmental education and disaster prevention.

Since 1995, for every peso you donate to the civil society, we bring another peso. Recently Banamex made this effort in conjunction with foundations Alfredo Harp Helu, AC and Pedro y Elena Hernández, B.C. The amount agreed to support these programs amounts to 780 million pesos.

Program Home Runs

As a novel way to increase resources to support activities of social, cultural and sports Banamex baseball is proposed to link with organizations that do this kind of work.

This is how arose Home Runs Banamex. This program is supported by Red Devils baseball teams of Mexico and Oaxaca Warriors, which provide the moves they do in every game. For every successful play, Fomento Social Banamex and Alfredo Harp Helu Foundation donate resources to organizations in Mexico City and Oaxaca.

The funds are distributed to the proper beneficiaries, with particular attention to renowned institutions, as well as more tasks involved in conservation, restoration and development of the environment.