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Banco Nacional de México, S.A.

I. Prospectus
Supplement Banamex 2018
Debt issuance prospectus
Debt issuance prospectus
Appendixes to the Prospectus
Final draft
Appendixes to the final draft
Supplement BANAMEX 10
Supplement BANAMEX 10-2
Supplement BANAMEX 10-3

II. Quarterly Reports
First Quarter Second Quarter
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter

III. Annual Reports
Annual Report 2017
Best Corporate Practices 2017
Annual Report 2016
Best Corporate Practices 2016
Annual Report 2015
Best Corporate Practices 2015
Annual Report 2014
Best Corporate Practices 2014
Annual Report 2013
Best Corporate Practices 2013
Annual Report 2012
Best Corporate Practices 2012
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Annual Report 2009
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IV. Relevant Events
Debt issuance prospectus
04/10/2016 Citi invests 25 billion pesos in Banco Nacional de México. Banamex will now be Citibanamex.
04/05/2016 Banamex is considered a systemically important local bank by the Board of Governors of the CNBV
20/04/2016 Banamex announces appointment of new CFO
22/01/2016 Banamex appoints Rafael MacGregor as General Director of Planning, Administration and Finance
20/07/2016 Changes in the Chairmanship of Grupo Financiero Banamex, S.A. de C.V. and Banco Nacional de México, S.A. de C.V. Boards of Directors
01/09/2015 Banamex informs about the sale of its acquirer business to EVO International Payments
25/08/2015 Fitch affirms Banamex and Accival ratings and reviews the outlook of local currency rating of Banamex from stable to positive
28/07/2015 Banamex makes clarifications about news reports
24/04/2015 Banamex named Edgardo del Rincón as CEO of Consumer Banking in México
15/04/2015 Banamex announces changes in its Board of Directors
12/02/2015 CEO of Wealth & Investment Management
04/02/2015 Banamex clarifies statements attributable to a director
16/10/2014 Banamex informs about CNBV’s fine
14/10/2014 Moody’s confirms Banamex’s ratings
14/10/2014 Citi discloses results of investigation into Security Unit in Mexico
03/10/2014 GF Banamex announces leadership changes
09/09/2014 Citi-Banamex will invest 20 billion pesos on the next four years in Mexico
13/08/2014 Fitch affirms Banamex’s ratings, that maintain the highest rating of individual strength of the Mexican banking industry
08/07/2014 Banamex maintains the highest credit ratings of the Mexican banking industry
03/06/2014 Comments on the recent rating actions of Moody’s
14/05/2014 Banamex concludes one phase of its internal investigation
14/04/2014 Banamex creates extraordinary loan loss reserves on the 1Q14
28/02/2014 Banamex announces a relevant event
20/12/2013 Standard and Poor's upgrades Banamex’s Global Ratings with Stable Outlook
13/05/2013 Complementary information of the 1Q13 report
21/09/2012 Standard and Poor’s affirms Banamex’s ratings
14/08/2012 GF Banamex signs the sale agreement of “Credito Familiar” with Scotiabank
12/06/2012 Dividend declaraton
19/04/2012 Telcel, Banamex and Inbursa announce the release of “Transfer”
27/02/2012 CFO of Banco Nacional de México, S.A.
02/01/2012 Changes in the integration of the Board of Directors

V. Information to Investors
Francisco Tobias Marin
Director de Finanzas
+52 (55) 2226 7548
Paulina José Aportela
Subdirector de Análisis y Relación con Inversionistas
+52 (55) 2262 7166
Designated people who provide the expected information in the articles 69,73,84,84 BIS and in the fourth and fifth titles of the General Character Provisions applicable to the issuers of securities and to other stock market participants.

The financial information of Grupo Financiero Banamex, S.A. de C.V. and Banco Nacional de México, S.A., a member of Grupo Financiero Banamex, is made available to the public through its site on the World Wide Web called Internet (, in compliance with the dispositions issued by the National Bank and Securities Commission, regarding disclosure of information.