Nómina Banamex Account

  • No account handling fee or minimum balance required.
  • You get one international debit card which allows you to make purchases in thousands of establishments, including supermarkets, convenience stores, cafeterias, gas stations, restaurants, cinemas and many more, eliminating the need to withdraw cash and the risk of carrying it around with you.
  • Enjoy the benefits of our Oferta Integral de Nómina (Comprenhensive offer of payroll) with an ample range of financial services tailored to your needs, such as credit cards, payroll, mortage and car loans, investments1 and insurance.
  • You can withdraw cash at no extra cost when paying with your Debit Card at Walmart, Comercial Mexicana, Office Depot, Soriana, Farmacias Guadalajara and Coppel.
  • You can also withdraw cash in more than 12,000 places in all the country, in a safe and cost-free way, including Banamex Automatic Tellers, branches and Banamex Aquí Correspondents.
  • Accidental death insurance for up to $35,000.002, which will be subject to the terms and conditions of the current policy, which can be viewed in www.segurosbanamex.com.mx/SB/documentos/NominaBanamexAP.pdf

Additionally, you can check your balances, make transferences, pay your cards and make use of other services through your computer, cell phone or landline through BancaNet, Audiomatico and Banamex Móvil.

1 Check GAT here.
2 Promotion subject to change with prior notification at least 30 calendar days.

Your Nómina Banamex offers you an ample range of financial services tailored to your needs

  • Characteristics:
    Reusable: You can apply for it again even as you are paying for it, starting at $1.000 line available2.
    Money availability: Through Branches, Banamex Automatic Tellers and Centro de Atención Telefonica (Call Centers) (2345 TAC) 01-800-021
    Advance Payments: Without penalties and reducing the amount of your payment.
    Insurance3: liberation of debt in case of death, involuntary unemployment and temporary total disability.
    Automatic Charge every two weeks to Nomina Banamex account
  • In case of death, we offer a protection plan that guarantees your next of kin will continue to receive a monthly income during a year.
    There are two plans available with 12 monthly rents compensations:
    Insured Amount $50,000 Insured Amount $150,000
    Monthly Rent of $4,166 Monthly Rent of $12,500
    Age: Payment1 Age: Payment1
    18 to 35 years $25 18 to 35 years $75
    36 to 65 years $45 36 to 65 years $135

    1 Monthly payment scheme/Automatic charge to the payroll account or Credit Card Policy conditions apply. Check terms and requirements of hiring at www.segurosbanamex.com

  • Tarjeta de Credito Banamex 1, which includes a Paquete Banamex2 saves on the annual Card fee, both yours and the additional ones you may have, just for using them and paying them every month through BancaNet.

    Plus, you have access to exclusive promotions and many benefits more.

    1Card subject to approval. Product offered by Tarjetas Banamex S.A. of C.V. SOFOM E.R. that due to their constitution and operation in such matters does not require authorization from the SHCP. TAC AVERAGE for Platinum 24,1% before VAT. Weighed average annual interest rate at 18,4% Annual fee $2.000 before VAT. For Gold Cards, 42,6% before VAT. Weighed average annual interest rate at 33,9% Annual fee $900 before VAT. For Classic Cards, 47,9% before VAT. Weighed average annual interest rate at 18,4% Annual fee $2.000 before VAT. Variable rate. For information and comparison only. Calculated on March 20th of 2013. Check conditions and requirements for hiring at www.banamex.com

    2You must use your Card (or any additional ones) at least once a month to make a purchase and/or withdrawal, covering the minimum payment at least, and paying through BancaNet, Audiomatico or App Banamex. Enroll cost-free by calling 01800 2262 639. Check terms and conditions for participant cards at www.banamex.com/paquete

  • Now you can buy the car you want with Credito Automotriz Banamex. We authorize your loan within minutes at any branch!
    • Annual fixed interest rate of 11,9%1 plus VAT
    • Terms of 6 and up to 60 months
    • Minimum downpayment of 25%
    • Formalization fee of 2% plus VAT
    • Financing starts at $30,000 and up to $450,000
    • Advance payments without penalty
    • The purchase of new or used cars (up to 3 years old) must be carried out in a dealership
    Access to car insurance with exclusive benefits such as: protection against material damages, total robbery, medical expenses to occupants, unemployment and life insurance. Available in three plans: Base, Preferential or Select2.
    Additional Benefits
    • When Banamex the total cash payment to the Car Dealership you will be able to negotiate:

    - A discount in the price
    - Free insurance for a year3

    Average Total Annual Cost (TAC): 15.9% before VAT Fixed annual rate. For information and comparison only . Calculated in January 2013. Subject to loan authorization. Check terms and conditions for hiring at www.banamex.com or call 01 800 111 55 66.

    2. Policy terms and conditions apply.

    3. Acceptable for the first year of financing, the following years Insurance will be hired with Banamex. Policy must have ample coverage and have a one-year term, must be paid cash or in a single disbursement, specify that the vehicle protected by the policy is for private use only, name Banco Nacional de México, S.A. as preferred and irrevocable beneficiary and include a no cancellation clause, except with the explicit consent of the preferred beneficiary.

  • (Acquisition Loans, Co-financings and Mortgage Transfers)

    You can move into your new home today, we lend you up to 95% of the total amount. And if you have your mortgage in another bank, we improve the conditions of the financing agreement and we lower the monthly payment with or mortgage loan plan “Cambia tu Hipoteca”.
    Characteristics NO Fees
    • Fixed annual interest rate of 10,95%1 plus VAT
    • 15 and 20 year terms
    • Up to 95% of the value of the house in financing for a Cofinavit AG Loan and 90% for cofinanced Infonavit and Fovissste ones.
    • Up to 85% of financing for Banamex loans with fixed rate.
    • Houses starting at $ 500,000
    • If you’re not a Banamex client, the minimum value of the house will have to be of $700,000 in Distrito Federal, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
    • No formalization fee.
    • No managing fees.
    • No prepayment fees.
    • No increases in rates or monthly payments.
    Additional Benefits

    Ample Life Insurance coverage; it covers the debt to the Bank and reimburses your beneficiaries all payments to capital. It covers total and/or permanent disability, as well as unemployment for up to 18 months. Damages Insurance and home assistance2.

    1 Total Annual Cost (TAC) AVERAGE: 12.4% before VAT. Applies for Acquisition and Cambia tu Hipoteca plans. Fixed annual rate. For information and comparison only. Calculated on January 2013. Subject to loan authorization. Check terms and conditions for hiring at www.banamex.com

    2 General conditions of the effective policy apply.

  • Save money quickly and safely, investments start at $1,000
    Daily yields
    Risk-free, guaranteed yields
    Money is immediately available1
    No forced terms or fees
    Yields derived from investments up to $100,000 do not generate taxes
    Can be easily managed through: BancaNet, Audiomático or any Branches

    1 Operation Schedule: Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 h (CST). The operations conducted outside this schedule will apply at 9:00 h of the following working day. Terms and conditions apply. Applies solely for Individuals. Does not apply for foreigners. ISR and interests will not be paid for checking accounts with a daily balance average that does not exceed 5 minimum wages within Mexico City, elevated to a year ($118,187). Banamex, its affiliates and employees do not provide legal and fiscal consultant's service. We encourage you to discuss your particular situation with your fiscal adviser.

    TAR .70% variable before taxes, estimated on January 16, 2013 for a $10,000 to $99,999 investment. For information and comparison only. Valid up to December 2013. Check conditions and requirements for hiring in www.banamex.com

    IPAB guarantees the payment for up to 400 thousand Investment Unit (UDIS) per person, per Bank, of the guaranteed obligations

  • Terms from 7 to 378 days
    Promissory notes start at $2,500
    Yields vary based on the amount and the investment term
    Fixed yield rates agreed upon from day one1
    Risk-free, as yields are known from day one and are guaranteed
    Several investments with different amounts and terms can be set up through the same contract
    The proceedings can be made at any Branch, or through BancaNet or Audiomático

    1 Money availability on the due date. If it is a non-working day, the following working day will be taken as due date. Operation Schedule for Audiomatico and BancaNet is from 9:00 to 20:00 h

    Check conditions and requirements for hiring at www.banamex.com

    TAR 0.95% variable before taxes, estimated on January16th, 2013 for a $10,000 to $99,999 investment. Valid up to December 2013. Check conditions and requirements for hiring in www.banamex.com

    The IPAB guarantees the payment of up to 400 thousand Investment Units (UDIS) per person, per Bank, of the guaranteed obligations

  • They are fixed-term deposits that guarantee an interest rate and offer the possibility of generating greater yields than the traditional investment instruments. There are two types of Investments:
    Inversión Inteligente en Acción Inversión Inteligente Garantizada
    • Terms available: 45 and 60 days.
    • Guaranteed rate stated since day one.
    • Additional yields if the Mexican stock-market (IPC) closes even or on top.
    • Availability of the capital and interests only at the end of the term.
    • Terms available: 90, 120 and 180 days.
    • Interests liquidity every 28 days.
    • Guaranteed rate stated since day one
    • Additional yields if the 28 day CETES yield increases at the beginning of each interest payment cycle.
    • Capital availability only at the end of the term.
    • Available starting at $50,000 and in multiples of $5,000
    • Security: the invested capital is protected 100%
    • Saving: No formalization fee
    • Excellent alternative to diversify your investment portfolio

    This investment instrument might not generate yields, or these could be lower than the existing ones in the market, but in no case, on the due date of the operation, will generate an inferior nominal amount to the one originally invested.

    Working Hours (Branch Only): Monday through Friday 9:00 to 13:00 h (CST).

    TAR 1.00% variable before taxes, estimated on January 16, 2013 for a $10,000 to $499,000 investment. For information and comparison only. Valid up to December 2013. On the investment’s due date, TAR could be greater, but never lower.

    Check conditions and requirements of hiring at www.banamex.com

  • The BNM1LIQ fund is an investment society that invests in debt instruments and strives to offer you the possibility of obtaining a competitive yield in regards to other traditional investment plans.
    For being a Nómina Banamex client you have the possibility of obtaining attractive yields…
    Have access to preferential series when investing over $50,000.
    Daily availability of your resources on weekdays Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 h (CST).
    Possibility of obtaining more attractive yields than in traditional investments.
    Personal management of your investments through BancaNet.
    Access to a fund with the best qualification in the market: AAA*.
    Specialized counsel.

    To hire this product go to your preferred Banamex Branch. The value of the shares in investment companies entails a market risk that might include the possibility of losses from the inverted capital.

    These products are not guaranteed by Banamex or any other Grupo Financiero Banamex organization or by Citigroup, nor by any governmental organization.

    The Information Prospects available to the Public Investor and Documents with Key Information for Investing in Investment Societies are available for consultation, analysis and conformity at the following webpage: www.fondosbanamex.com

    There is no guarantee that the forecasts or opinions expressed in this material will be fulfilled. The information contained in this material should not be considered as investment advice.

    Former yields do not guarantee future performances.

    *Qualification granted by Fitch

  • Comprehensive solutions for your retirement.
    • One of lowest fees in the market.
    Greater service coverage through:
          • Comprehensive and Professional Counsel of 3,000 Executives certified by CONSAR.
         • Customized Attention in more than 130 Service Modules, 1,400 Specialized Banamex Branches and 7 Attention Centers        for Retirement.
         • Call-Center, Online Services and quarterly Account Statement sent to your home or email.
    • Important alternatives of Investment through Voluntary Savings:
         • Short Term
         • Long Term (Life Insurance and Tax Benefits)
  • A variety of services which allow you manage better your money.
    1. BancaNet: access to banking services through internet. Request it in the customer service area of any Banamex Branch with Nómina Banamex.
    2. App Banamex free1 allows you to carry out banking operations from your Telcel mobile, in a practical, easy and safe way, with no need to connect to the Internet or to download any app.
    3. Domiciliacion1 (Direct Debiting) of utilities: pay your electricity, water, cable TV, telephone, etc., bills automatically from your Nómina Card.
    4. eStatement1 receive your Account Statement for your Nomina in your email. Request it at any branch, BancaNet or to call (55) 1226 2639 or toll-free 01800 021 2345.
    5. Alerts and Notifications1 find out right away, in your cell phone and/or your email, of all movements made in your Nomina account, as well as changes in the passwords and/or confidential information. Request it at any branch, BancaNet or to call (55) 1226 2639 or toll-free 01800 021 2345.
    6. Audiomático1 grants you access to banking services via telephone, in the new menu you get the Secret Number and the balance inquiry within seconds and many operations more. You need to have your Nómina card at hand.
    7. Transfer Banamex1, the only account that allows you to send and to receive money from your Telcel cellphone, in an easy, fast and safe way.

    1Service and transactions carried out are cost free, including SPEI. Check terms, conditions and customer service schedules at www.banamex.com

We are working to offer you new special offers.

Take the most advantage out your income

Now already you can request without cost for you, the resources of your salary, pensions and other benefits direct deposited into your Banamex account or are transferred to another account of which you are holder and open in another bank.

To have your Nómina Banamex proceed as follows:

Come to the Banamex branch of your choice and tell the executive that want to request the transfer of your payroll, he advises you properly.

You need the next documents:

  • Official valid ID
  • Cover of the contract
  • Bank account (not bigger than 3 months), or bank card in which you receive payroll
Sign the application and enjoy the benefits of having your Nómina Banamex.


  • The request for the Nómina Banamex as cancellation are free.
  • You have the right to cancel the request for your Nómina Banamex.
  • The request for Nómina Banamex will be made at the following times:
    • 1. If your salary is deposited before 15:00:00 hours a Banking Day, the transfer will be realized the same day as long as it is a Banking Day.
    • 2. If your salary has been deposited after 15:00:00 hours, the transfer will take place next immediate Banking Day.
  • The transfers of Portabilidad de Nómina will be realized realized from the sixth Bank Working day as long as they have been requested in Banamex branches or Bancanet.
  • The transfers of Portabilidad de Nómina will be realized from the eleventh Banking Day following the day in which the institution that should do the above mentioned transfers receives the request.


Usted tiene derecho a que, sin costo a su cargo, los recursos de su salario, pensiones y otras prestaciones de carácter laboral que le depositen en la cuenta que tiene en esta institución, se transfieran a otra cuenta de la que usted sea titular, abierta en otro banco.

Para ello, únicamente requiere presentar su solicitud en cualquiera de nuestras sucursales o a través de nuestro servicio de banca electrónica por Internet que, en su caso, usted haya contratado con nosotros, mediante los formatos que tenemos a su disposición en dichas sucursales o en nuestra página electrónica de Internet, así como exhibir la documentación señalada en dichos formatos.