Credito Hipotecario Banamex, Cofinavit

Banamex offers customers like you who have Infonavit savings, a Cofinavit mortgage loan so you can buy your house with a special annual fixed interest rate and take advantage of a loan with NO fees, NO increase in your monthly payments and NO surprises.

Cofinavit is a co-financed mortgage loan that will increase your acquisition range to buy a higher-priced house as you will receive:

  • A loan authorized by Banamex.
  • A loan authorized by Infonavit.
  • The balance of your housing-savings account to use as down payment.

We make the purchase of your home easier with Banamex Hipoteca SIN or Hipoteca Banamex 11

Both mortgage loans give you the following benefits:

Hipoteca Banamex 1

If you are a Banamex 1 customer, enjoy the attractive annual fixed interest rate offered by Hipoteca Banamex 1:


Plus, we offer the lowest monthly payments and Total Annual Cost (TAC) in the market2

If you are a Banamex Customer, take advantage of the excellent annual fixed interest rate offered by Banamex Hipoteca SIN:


They both offer you the following benefits:


  • Formalization fee.
  • Administration fee.
  • Advance payment fee.
  • Socioeconomic inquiry fee.
  • Increase on the interest rate or monthly payments.

There is no fine print here, you will know from the start how much your monthly payments will be and you can finance up to 90% of the value of house you will be purchasing. Infonavit grants part of the loan and Banamex covers the other part.

Credito Hipotecario Banamex is the only mortgage loan that includes a Life Insurance that covers the total amount of the mortgage loan, which, besides paying off the debt to the Bank, reimburses your beneficiaries all payments done directly to capital.

We also offer you insurance against material damages to the house and in case of unemployment and/or temporary disability.

Enjoy more benefits.

  • A multiannual life insurance scheme with a unique premium that covers the first five years with the mortgage, representing a 20% saving when compared to the monthly Life Insurance option.
  • Once the Infonavit loan is paid, the subsequent employer contributions are destined to the payment of the Banamex loan, reducing the term and the interests of your mortgage.
  • If you already have a Banamex Hipoteca SIN and you´ve proven to be a reliable customer, Banamex reimburses you the five first years of your Life Insurance.2

If you want more information go to the Banamex Branch of your choice, or visit the Centro Hipotecario Banamex closest to you or call toll-free 01 800 772 7474.

Check the Law of Transparency to make an informed decision.

Annual percentage rate (APR) 10.6% without VAT. Applies for Cofinavit Hipoteca Banamex 1 . Informative.
Annual percentage rate (APR) 11.7% without VAT. Applies for Cofinavit Banamex Hipoteca SIN. Informative.
Estimated on January 2015. Check conditions and requirements for hiring at Subject to loan authorization. Restrictions apply. Banco Nacional de México, S.A., Integrant of Grupo Financiero Banamex.

It is within your rights to compare the binding offers from the different loan options.

1This product applies for Banamex 1 Customers only. Check
2Life insurance premium will be reimbursed as long as the payment of the mortgage is made promptly, with automatic charge to an account or credit card and no advance payments are made during the first five years of the mortgage. Restrictions apply in the insurance contract; check terms and conditions at .
Acquiring mortgages that exceed your payment ability can affect your patrimony and your credit history.
Failure to fulfill your obligations can generate late payment fees and default penalty interests.
The guarantor, joint obligator and/ or co-creditor will be considered as the main creditor by the Financial Organization.

Learn how to get your Banamex Mortgage Loan.

Don’t wait any longer and apply now for your Mortgage loan… It is very simple!
Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the closest Banamex Branch or Centro Hipotecario Banamex where one of our executives will give you counsel and offer the option that best suits your needs.
  • Our executive will aid you in making different simulations of the type of mortgage you select, with variables such as the required amount, the value of the house you wish to buy and your monthly income.
  • The simulations will give you an idea of the monthly payments and the initial expenses (down payment, house value assessment, socioeconomic inquiry, and notary).
  • Keep in mind that a complete and well-documented file and an excellent credit report can speed things up. A sales executive will inform you of the outcome of your request and offer advice on how to go about appraising your new house.
  • Only real estate located in these areas will be considered for the mortgage loan.

Banamex mortgage loan with fixed interest rate, Adquisition with Cofinavit

Basic Characteristics

Intended Usage
Home Adquisition with Cofinavit
Financing %
Up to 90% of the house value
Hipoteca SIN
Hipoteca Banamex1
Term (Years)
20 %
Fixed interest rate
Payment per Thousand
Fees: Formalization:
Management:                                                                                          0%
Socioeconomic Inquiry:
Average TAC1
Minimum House Value Banamex customers: Stating at $500,000
Banamex non customers: $700,000 in Mexico City
Guadalajara, Monterrey / $500,000 rest
of the country

Starting at $500,000

1 Estimated on October 2013. Check conditions, fees and hiring requirements at Subject to credit authorization. Restrictions apply. TAC may vary should you choose a different product at actual hiring.

The main requirements to request a Credito Hipotecario Banamex are:

  • Have an Infonavit account (eligibility will be determined according to the Institute’s criteria, and confirmed through their web page)
  • Age: between 25 and 64 years 11 months (the age plus the term cannot exceed 84 years 11 months)
  • Minimum monthly income: $15,000
  • Working History: 1 year as employee/2 years as free-lancers
  • Minimum value of the House $500,000

In order to hire a Banamex 1 Mortgage, besides the previous requirements, you also need:

  • Be a Banamex 1 Customer
  • Minimum amount of Mortgage $1´500,000
  • Have an excellent credit history

Check all the requirements to request a mortgage in our Informative Pamphlet at the “Eligibility Criteria” and “Necessary Documentation” sections.

If you wish more information go to the Banamex Branch of your choice, to the closest Centro Hipotecario Banamex or call toll-free 01 800 772 7474.

Check the Law of Transparency to make an informed decision.