Mortage Loan Hipoteca SIN with Cofinavit

Mortgage Loan for holders, formed by two loans, one granted by Banamex and another one by Infonavit. Your Infonavit savings may be used to cover the advance payment.

Better rates for
Banamex customers!

SIN Mortgage with Cofinavit
Rate 15 years 10.95%
20 years 10.95%
Payment per every thousand pesos granted as a loan 15 years $11.34
20 years $10.29
Maximum financing percentage 90% to 95% Confinavit AG.
Fees Opening: 0%
Administration 0%
Advance payments: 0%
Insurance Free Unemployment Insurance for up to 18 months
Life Insurance that covers the Bank debt and reimburses the beneficiaries the payments made towards the principal
Damages Insurance that protects your house
Assistance Insurance for home emergencies
Total and/or permanent disability insurance

And for you, because you are a Banca Patrimonial Banamex client, we offer you a preferential rate of 10.65%

SIN Mortgage with Cofinavit
Applicant Requirements:
Minimum income $7,000.00 pesos
Minimum age 23 years
Maximum age 64 years, 11 months
For housing:
Housing minimum value $500,000.00 pesos
Contracting expenses Socio-economic study $500.00 pesos
Valuation $2,088.00 pesos (VAT included)
Deed processing About 7%

Documents to start the application:

Initial Documents
Credit Application
Official ID
Medical Questionnaire

Get to your closest Banamex branch and request your SIN Mortgage!