Banamex 1 Protection

Banamex Life Insurance (Seguro de Vida Banamex) offers benefits in life to protect your family.

  • Besides the cover by death, offers you:
    • Additional Protection by serious illnesses such as heart attacks or cancer.
    • An advance payment for terminal illness.
    • An advance payment in the event of death.
    • Ambulance Service all the year.

    To be a Distinguished Banamex 1 Client, Banamex Life Insurance has in exclusive for you and your family Medical Support, Network of Discounts in Laboratories and Medical Specialist1.

      • Telephone medical assistance 24 hours a day.
      • Advising by a specialist Doctor.
      • Medical References.
      • Network of Discounts in Laboratories and Medical Specialists.
      • Dental and Medical Discounts.

    With annual payment of Banamex Life Insurance you can enjoy 6 or 12 months without interests with your Banamex Credit Card.

    Include us in every moment
    Call us2 to 5809 4608 or of the Interior to 01 800 000 4608

    General Conditions Apply
    1 Service offered by Iké Asistencia
    2 Service for Banamex 1 clients that take out Banamex life Insurance

Your car is important of your patrimony.

We know the risks that you could be exposed to and for this reason we have an offering that will help protect you, by taking out Banamex Car Insurance (Seguro de Auto Banamex) you enjoy an additional benefit for being a Banamex 1 client:

    • Theft
    • Physical damage
    • Broken windows
    • Damage to third parties
    • Medical expenses for passengers
    • Legal advice and guaranteed bond
    • We present the cover of Damages to third parties in EUA.2

With annual payment of Banamex Car Insurance you can enjoy 6 or 12 months without interests with your Banamex Credit Card.

Enjoy your car, we take care of the rest!

1 Service offered by México Asistencia
2 Cover offered by ACE Seguros
Promotion valid December 2011.
Applies only for clients assets and new Banamex 1.
Does not apply for employees of the Financial Group Banamex.
General Conditions Apply.

Building a home is part of your life cycle. Think about how much it would cost to build your home again if something were to happen.

  • Home and contents insurance is the answer for protecting your assets. When you take it out you receive protection in the event of:
    • Theft
    • Flooding
    • Fire
    • Hurricanes or earthquakes 1
    • Replacement of broken windows that represent a security risk
    • We cover accidents suffered by neighbors
    • We solve your problems with plumbing, locks and electricity at no extra cost
    • Decide on the payment method that best suits your needs and enjoy the interest free monthly payment promotions for Banamex cardholders.

For being a Banamex 1 customer, we give you a year’s PC Assistance service for resolving your doubts or problems with Office, Windows or the Internet in the comfort of your own home.2

With home and contents insurance your assets will be protected.

1 Optional contracting coverage.
2Service offered by Iké Asistencia.
Valid service with its policy in force during the time limit of the Service.
General conditions apply.