Fiduciary, Real Estate Project

With the Trust for the Development of Real Estate Projects by Banamex Corporate Trust, investors in your real estate development may manage their assets better, since through the trust their contribution will be used for the construction and development of real estate property in order to market and sell them.


  • Resources and flows derived from real estate sale are managed by the trustee
  • Partners have complete transparency on the use of their assets
  • Banamex Corporate Trust has been awarded the TR2(mex)/Alto rate by Fitch Ratings.

In compliance with current legal dispositions and pursuant to our policies, it is essential to submit, before signing the contract, a copy of the following documents:1

  • Current official ID; in case of foreigners, only the FM2 form or passport will be valid
  • Certificate of address (issued at most three months ago)
  • CURP and tax ID card with RFC; in case of foreigners with RFC, please submit it
  • Form Meet your Customer, provided by a trustee officer

1The information requested here is only for information purposes and is not inclusive, hence, based on the business, Banamex Trustee may request additional details.

  • Fees are determined at the time of contracting and establishing the obligations assumed by the trustee; when applying for the service, the officer will prepare a specific quote
  • The fees charged are based on acceptance of the trustee charge, business management and use of banking services
  • The fee for accepting the trustee charge is caused by said acceptance, by the business study and the supporting documents, by negotiation and preparation and signature of the corresponding contract.
  • The fee for business administration is caused by the trustee administrative functions, including, among others:
    • Management and maintenance of the trust equity
    • Execution of purposes, mandate or deposit
    • Investment of the trust equity or resources granted for execution of the mandate or conditioned deposit
    • Opening and maintenance of accounts and records
    • Generation of statements
  • The fee for the use of banking services is caused by the use of the banking services required in the execution of the corresponding business, such as check issuance, orders of payment, interbanking transfers, etc., which have an additional charge to the trustee service

V.A.T. is applied to all fees.